Different types of massage & modalities

The differing types, styles, and modalities of massage and bodywork are staggering. We are avid, life-long learners as massage therapists and enjoy expanding our skill set as often as we can. Each of us as therapists, combine our years of experience and education in all sorts of  different modalities to provide the best treatment for your goals. You will be working directly with your therapist to help design the massage that’s right for you.

We also discuss gait,postural and other perpetuating environmental factors with our clients in regards to their issues and overall health. As confident as we are about our work, we know that some clients will never attain their goals if they do not address the issues of posture and mechanical behaviors that contributed to their conditions. Your outside environment whether it is in your gait, how you sit or stand all day or your posture while sleeping at night–are all contributing factors in how your body performs (or doesn’t.) In our experience, most issues are often best addressed through a blending of various modalities and techniques.

Sports & Deep Tissue Massage:

Sports massage and deeper tissue work are designed to take into account the client, what sport they are participating in, at what level, and where they are in their training season. Whether maintenance or injury-specific work, we focus on our clients goals and needs. We are all on the same team, we want our client athlete performing at the top of their game!

Neuromuscular Massage:

Neuromuscular Massage can also be referred to as “trigger-point release” and is a clinical technique used to eliminate myofascial trigger points from muscle  tissue. The term “trigger point” seems to be a very misused and misunderstood term. While a trigger point is hypersensitive to pressure, it also produces a referral of pain or sensation elsewhere in the body. Trigger points can limit range of motion, often causing altered body mechanics and posture. Trigger Point Release work is a very effective and natural way to alleviate pain, and we often integrate this technique into other therapeutic treatments to help attain desired effects of pain relief. If you have had longstanding pain that has been untreatable, this may be an answer.

Orthopedic Massage:

Orthopedic massage is a manual approach to the treatment of numerous pain and injury conditions previously treated only with conventional, medical methods. Whether you are suffering from whiplash, a sprained ankle, tennis or golfers elbow, many types of impingement syndromes, or any type of tendonitis–orthopedic massage is often a holistic alternative.

Using specific assessment and evaluation skills, we will assess the nature of the soft tissue condition and make appropriate plans for effective treatment.Orthopedic techniques are particularly effective at breaking down excessive lesions or adhesions. Reduction in these adhesions aids in the restoration of broadened tissue required for normal movement. It also increases local blood supply to injured tissue, which reduces pain. More gentle work, applied in the early inflammatory phases of an injury increases circulation and the rate of healing. It is now generally recognized that manual orthopedic techniques applied at an injury site helps remodel immature and weak scar tissue into linearly arranged bundles of connective tissue.

Pre- and Post-Natal Massage:

We here at Boulder Bodyworker love working with our pregnant clients. They are athletes of the most intense caliber! The changes she experiences and transformation she will go through in the ten-months of pregnancy are amazing and can cause tension, pain and soreness that are unpredictable to first-time mom. We perform prenatal massage using a body cushion system that allows the soon-to-be-mother a chance to lay face down safely and comfortably.  Pressure is always at the clients discretion in our office, but even more so with our prenatal clients. Shoulders, lower back, pelvic pain and swelling into the extremities are common and easily addressed in session usually.

Postnatal massage offers relief to the new mother from sleep deprivation and the neck-and-shoulder aches associated with nursing and carrying a newborn.  The demands put upon new parents physically can be soothed with focused muscular work. We can also help address tried-and-true methods for feeding, holding and getting back to being active.

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