No new clients, for now

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No new clients, for now

You know, I think we all hoped when the pandemic started, that the estimates about things returning to normal within 6-8 months were right.

Welp–they weren’t right, for ALL the reasons we could rattle off in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, we all need to continue to remain vigilant and on our game with wearing masks, being aware of our social distancing and being respectful of others often differing levels of taking the pandemic seriously.

One way this has manifested in the Boulder Bodyworker world, is that I (Kate), am unable to see any new clients. Which frankly, sucks. Period. However, I feel strongly that I need to keep my husband, who has a pre-existing condition and in the vulnerable category, safe. And current clients who have already worked with me and know my circumstance, and whom I trust to be honest about their health history because of these factors are who I chose to work with for the time being.  It feels safer to me. 

I am so grateful to have so many dedicated clients and that they continue to help support me and my family. I hope this changes soon. Very soon. Until then, I am asking potential new clients to send me an email with their name and email address so that I can let them know once I open the schedule up to new clients once again.