careers at Boulder Bodyworker

At Boulder Bodyworker, we not only feel that we have a strong respect for our clients and their goals, but also creating a home for like-minded therapists who truly believe in improving their clients’ lives through the power of massage & bodywork. We set a high standards with our hiring practices. Professionalism, coupled with education and integrity are a priority for us. We are always open to talking to massage therapists and bodyworkers interested in our practice. Please send in or drop off your resume and cover letter and we will reach out to you at our earliest convenience.

We only hire the most educated, experienced, and dedicated massage therapists, who are also looking to continue growing professionally. Not only do we provide our therapists with a great working environment, we also help and provide them with the tools they need to increase their skill level and marketing potential.

We are able to have a fulfilling work environment because we are serious about what we do, and we are hoping to find other similar bodyworkers to join our practice.

Are you a team player looking for a place to work on the clients you were trained to work on?

We’re looking for outstanding massage therapists with the following skills:

  • experience with and ability to work on most soft tissue ailments and injuries
  • experience with and ability to form treatment plans
  • experience with and ability to work on weekend warriors, competitive and professional athletes
  • therapists who want to improve their technique and learn new ones
  • therapists who are cooperative and can work with other therapists to help clients get better