WFH Issues?

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WFH Issues?

Has stay-at-home meant you’ve been working and sitting in an less than optimal position for long periods of time? Does your couch make an ideal desk for your laptop? Has the whole “social isolation” thing been causing you to sleep in weird positions?

Kate recorded this video as part of the “Be Boulder, Go Farther” virtual speaker series, with Go Far Shop co-owner, Kate King, and broadcast in April 2020.

Kate’s session is part talk-based and, part instructional on stretches you can do on/at your desk and how to best use a foam roller & Trigger Point MB5 foam ball.

If you could use a few simple tips to help you loosen-up, and straighten-up then hopefully some of the tips, exercises and workplace set-up advice in this video will help.

Re-Opening May 11th

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Re-Opening May 11th

It is with cautious optimism that I write announcing our re-opening. I am really excited to get back to working with you and for life to resume a more familiar and comfortable cadence.

However, we are all aware that risks still exist and precautions must be in place to ensure safety for myself, my family, you my clients and our community. As more information comes to light from our Governor and our Health Department officials, I will be reassessing which procedures feel necessary and as always, I am open to your suggestions. My goal is to help us all to feel as comfortable as possible about this transition and know we are all in this together.

New Safety Procedures

  • No new clients until (at least) July 2020.
  • Kate will wear a manufactured, reusable mask with a P25 charcoal filter in sessions.
  • We are asking that clients wear their own masks. We will have masks available for those that do not bring their own.
  • We will ask clients to remove their shoes outside the session room
  • We will ask clients wash their hands before the session and will provide clean hand towels
  • There will be bigger gaps between sessions to allow clients cut down on clients passing in hallways, bathrooms, etc. This will allow more time to sanitize the office and table between clients.
  • When you arrive for your appointment, please stay in your car until Kate calls you to let you know it is time. Then we ask that you enter through the west-side (closest to Hwy 36) building door. Kate will be waiting for you at the office side-door to escort you.

The above is subject to change, based on communication from the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, who are still formulating who they think we should handle re-opening. We will of course conform with all their requirements, plus implement procedures appropriate to our location.

Be Boulder, Go Farther Speaker Series

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Be Boulder, Go Farther Speaker Series

I’m excited to have been involved in the Be Boulder, Go Farther speaker series, and will be giving a talk on April 21st at 5:30 pm.

We have a full schedule of local experts and professionals for you to hear from, read on to find out how it started and how you can participate in this great free virtual event series!

When a friend needs your help, you do everything you can to be there.

Well, that is how this series began. A group of girlfriends who, when the “Covid-19 crisis” started, decided to have a Zoom hangout to check in with each other. A little face time to help break-up the isolation of being at home, all day, every day for now. Funny how a small thing can beget bigger, more awesome things.

One of the many amazing and unique things that Kate has done to help set Go Far Shop apart from so many of her fellow running shops is her authentic love and support of the local running community and taking her part as a “hub” very seriously. She herself is an avid road & trail runner and competitor. She has also been a coach for Revolution Running with Ewen & Heather North. She puts herself in the store everyday, to work hands-on with her clientele, to help them when they have issues and cheer their accomplishments. And she hosts events and speakers that her running community are clamoring to hear from. This is where the love really comes full circle, and where we all went when faced with the fact that this crisis had closed the shop’s doors indefinitely.

The idea of taking those events and speakers into the new “normal” of social isolation and stay-at-home orders, “virtual hangouts” is where we headed.How could Go Far Run Shop remain relevant to its patrons, while still being a community hub and support the running community as they in-turn, supported the shop? We are all believers in the intention of coming together, under the banner of commonality and community to draw upon our amazing, local professionals.Let’s “see” each other and talk, laugh, share–even as we are all isolated in our homes.And a bonus is that each person that registers has the option to give to the Downtown Boulder Association Covid-19 Relief Foundation to help support other small businesses in Downtown Boulder that are also shutdown right now.

Introducing The Speaker Series

Introducing The Speaker Series

One of the things that set this speaker series apart is that the events & speakers aren’t only running focused. I love that we get to hear from all the different aspects of our active community and all the nooks and cranny’s of what that community taps into to take care of itself. Self-care, supporting each other and our local merchants–THIS is where the good stuff lies.

Almost a week and half into the series, all of our April weeknights are full of speakers and we are booking more into the middle of May! The events are being well-attended and the participation of those on the call is high. People are interested, engaged and asking questions. It is fantastic and it has helped all four of us feel like we are part of something bigger than ourselves. This is more than women supporting each other, this is human beings being there for each other. Listening, learning, hearing each other, wanting to know more. Laughing, so much laughing. Loads of nodding and thumbs up in agreement. Kate King is really getting into her moderator “groove”. She’s also learning a lot about Zoom and it’s quirks. The shop now has a YouTube page where the events are posted after the live event, just in case you missed it.

I am excited to be a speaker on April 21st at 5:30 pm. My session will be part talk-based and part, instructional on stretches you can do on at your desk, also how to best use a foam roller & Trigger Point MB5 foam ball. Join me and bring your questions. See you then!

Event Schedule and sign-up
[Go Far Shop Events]
[Go Far Shop Facebook Events]

The shop now has a YouTube page where the events are posted after the live event, just in case you missed it. [Go Far Shop Youtube videos].


Covid-19 Closing & Resources

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Covid-19 Closing & Resources

As of March 19th, 2020, Governor Polis announced that we are shut down until May 1, 2020

As difficult as that was to hear and process, I know this is what we must do to combat the spread of this awful virus. And although the work I do is incredibly helpful and intrinsic to many of my clients day to day well-being.

I know taking myself out of the equation is the best thing for you, me and our families. 

The show of kindness and support from you, my clients, has been overwhelming and so touching, especially those of you who have purchased gift cards. My husband knows that if he sees me with tissues, I’ve received another email from one of you amazing people.

I am leaving the videos and buying links that I sent in the last email so that if you missed them–they are here for you now!If you have any questions about issues you are experiencing or stretches that might be great for you–please feel free to call or text me at #(720) 600-2208. I am available for Zoom or FaceTime meetings. No cost to you.

Boulder Bodyworker Foam Rolling Videos on YouTube
Here’s the link to purchase the handy-dandy Trigger Point MB5 via Amazon.
Shown here with the MB1–which is more lacrosse ball size.
I’d like you to get the MB5.
Our fave MB5 ball videos
Here’s my favorite staple foam roller, the high-density foam, 6″x 36″version also available on Amazon.

Foam Roller Clinic-April 7, 9:30 am

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Foam Roller Clinic-April 7, 9:30 am

Athlete BoulderPlease join us Sunday, April 7th for a Foam Roller Clinic at Boulder Athleta. Whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or desk worker, this FREE class will offer techniques and guidance to keep you operating in peak physical and mental performance.

There will be light refreshments and yummy food to follow, plus raffle items and giveaways. Please come join us for this healing and relaxing event! Click the link to register so we know how many to plan for. This event is B.Y.O.R. (Bring Your Own Roller)