Boulder Bodyworker is moving into our home!

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Boulder Bodyworker is moving into our home!
2595 Canyon Blvd, Suite #150 on the ground floor of the Water St office building

EXCITING NEWS FROM US!!! That’s right, we have secured our long-term, not-moving-in-a-really-really-long-time, HOME and we have a sweet offer from Erin, our new therapist.

First, clients who have been with me for years, I promise we have found our happy place. No more moves. I appreciate your patience of the last few years. We have made it.

Our new home is more than just our landing place for the next years, it is also the realization of long-held dream. More details on that SOON.

We are in the midst of renovating and making this space ours. Erin and I are seeing clients and I’ve put our availability below. Click the “make an appointment” button and come get the bodywork you need and check it out! Our new home also has lots of parking available in the lot just outside our doors. Park in the white painted boxes, and you are good-to-go!

Don’t forget, Erin is seeing both current Boulder Bodyworker clients and new clients. New clients need to “CONTACT US” to ask be added to the schedule and prove they have had a recent (within 5 days of appointment) negative Covid test.

For clients who have expressed concern that my feelings might be hurt if they begin to work with Erin, thank you for your respect for my feelings but–HECK NO!! My concern for you all is that you get the work done that helps you. My ego has learned that lesson long ago. It’s not about me, it is all about YOU. And Erin and I are a team. You can work with both of us and maximize your time! 🙂

See the “LOCATION page” for the full street address, a google maps link, and a description!! See you soon.

No new clients, for now

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No new clients, for now

You know, I think we all hoped when the pandemic started, that the estimates about things returning to normal within 6-8 months were right.

Welp–they weren’t right, for ALL the reasons we could rattle off in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, we all need to continue to remain vigilant and on our game with wearing masks, being aware of our social distancing and being respectful of others often differing levels of taking the pandemic seriously.

One way this has manifested in the Boulder Bodyworker world, is that I (Kate), am unable to see any new clients. Which frankly, sucks. Period. However, I feel strongly that I need to keep my husband, who has a pre-existing condition and in the vulnerable category, safe. And current clients who have already worked with me and know my circumstance, and whom I trust to be honest about their health history because of these factors are who I chose to work with for the time being.  It feels safer to me. 

I am so grateful to have so many dedicated clients and that they continue to help support me and my family. I hope this changes soon. Very soon. Until then, I am asking potential new clients to send me an email with their name and email address so that I can let them know once I open the schedule up to new clients once again.

Moving Times

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Moving Times

As of June 1st, 2020, we have moved our office into a small, boutique personal training facility in east-central Boulder!The collaborative space is run by Future Proof Movement and we are “next-door roomies”with our good friend, Dr. Sarah Ceschin, owner of Boulder Sports Physio.

This move is exciting for the new opportunities it presents and the new location brings us closer to our friends at Boulder Rock Club, Mapleton YMCA,Boulder Running Company, and Whole Foods.

Great news for those who would like to arrive via bike, running, walking, rollerblading, etc–the Goose Creek Path runs right next to us! Don’t worry, there is plenty of parking right outside if you do chose to come by car.

We’ve taken a bunch of photos to help you get a better feel for the location and our space within[See the location page]. Please let Kate know if you have any questions or issues!

Clarity on COVID-19 and other news

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Clarity on COVID-19 and other news

We are delighted to be back seeing clients. Unfortunately at this time, given the extensive cleaning and additional gaps between clients, we are not accepting new clients.

At this point, we don’t expect this to change before July 2020. We’ve updated our rates and policies page to provide a list of what we are doing, and what the state requires of us, and you, so you know what to expect when booking an appointment.

This will help us keep each other safe!

In other news, we will be moving offices as of June 1st. We will be closing over the Memorial weekend to actually do the move, and will be communicating with our clients and friends via email and updating the web site closer to the move date.

The new location is still in central Boulder, and has plenty of parking.

As Sgt. Phil Esterhaus from Hill Street Blues would have said, “Let’s Be Careful Out There”.

Running Insight Covers Be Boulder, Go Farther talks

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Running Insight Covers Be Boulder, Go Farther talks

Running Insight has a great piece highlighting the “Be Boulder, Go Farther” Speaker series both how it got started, many of the great speakers and panels they’ve already had, as well as some ideas on what is happening now and into the future.

Boulder Bodyworker’s Kate Ripley was, as Brian mentions, part of the small team of women who came together to collectively agree and support the series. Kate has also been a speaker. If you didn’t catch-it, you can see Kate’s video session here. For future Be Boulder, Go Farther events, go here. And for Running Insights’s write-up, go here.